8 Tips For A Bigger Network Of People

tips for a bigger network of people

8 Tips to building a Network of Quality People around you.

Ever got to the point where you realize that many of the people you like to call your friends, aren’t all that great. Feeling like you’re pulling in a few direction but they’re holding you back. Let’s face it, great friends are a massive asset in your life, and if you are merely associating with someone due to


1. Offer value!

This is a big one. You will certainly have to give value if you want to receive any. Think about it logically: Why would someone want to associate with you?

Friendships are typically based on common interests, or experiences shared, so this needs to be kept in mind when developing your circle.

2. So how do I offer Value?

Easily! Think about the skills that you possess, and where others might need you. Everyone is good at something. What’s your skill?

  1. Give, not take.

People have a good sense of who is out for themselves, in a one sided fashion. You’ll find that you encounter people who are very fast to request help, but very reluctant to give any. Don’t be one of these people, and realize that everything in life is a two way street.

4. Don’t dominate

People want a nice balance with interactions – to listen, and to be listened to. If you want to get on the good side of people, let them talk rather than you do the talking – people inherently like to talk about themselves, so if in doubt, let them shout! Just as importantly, it doesn’t always have to be YOUR choice. Be easygoing and let things flow.

  1. Follow Up

If you’ve got chatting to someone smart who has impressed you in some way, or you’ve got a common interest with, make sure you make an effort to stay in touch. Don’t just assume you’ll run into them again – facebook them, get their email, cell etc –Build your contact list.

  1. Ping people occasionally.

It’s important to invest your time and attention to nurture your friendships, and it requires very little time and attention to do so. Something as simple as emailing someone to ask how a project of theirs is going, is a great start .Cultivating genuine care and interest in your circle goes a long way.

7. Make friends with the super-connectors.

This one is important. You already know who they are. They’re those well connected folk that seem to know so many people. This is what will open doors for you, and multiple opportunities to network with new people will come your way.

8. Remember that people are inherently selfish

Sounds a bit negative, but really it’s not. It’s an important rule to remember with building your network. People might not attend your event or let you down in some way, simply because it doesn’t suit them for whatever reason. But don’t take it personally when you hear that lame excuse. It’s completely normal. With very close friends, sure, you can call them on it. But we’re talking about building out a large network of people in your life here, not a busload of close friend. The best way to maintain your network is to make it a Win/Win with your interactions, where you both gain something.

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