Insanely Funny Food Brands From Around The World


Due to the world’s linguistic diversity, poorly researched product names often slip through the net, producing unintentional hilarity. These are the very best of the worlds brands, where their cross-cultural message, shall we say, got a bit lost….


Warning: Our Number One is definitely not something you want to get stuck in your Chimney!



Via : flickr

Imagine a close friend -who hadn’t seen you in some time- asking you just how you lost so much weight? “Well, I had Ayds” you might reply… Yep, this disastrously named candy from the 70’s and 80’s, actually was an ‘appetite suppressant’ candy which contained benzocaine, in order to reduce the sensations of taste, which presumably was to stop you eating it. Anyhow, the AIDS epidemic of the mid 80’s killed off sales by as much as 50%. An even more ill advised re-brand to ‘Diet Ayds’ couldn’t save it, and it was withdrawn from the market.


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