Just What Happened To These Stars of 80’s & 90’s Wrestling?


I think it just has to be agreed among wresting fans, that the 80’s & 90’s era of the WWF was just the greatest thing ever. The theatrics, the feuding, not to mention the outfits. It was an OTT frenzy and we loved it. But where did these men who brought such entertainment to so many end up? We’ll see that there are many inspirational stories about what these men did following their days in the ring, but some a bit less so. Let’s find out:


Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart- Before


Bret Sergeant Hart was one of the most recognizable faces in wrestling. Famously described as the “Execution Of Excellence” by commentator Gorilla Monsoon, his famous Pink & Black clad outfit, wrap-around-shades and flowing locks and trademark ‘Sharpshooter’ finishing move made him a massively popular figure. He had tremendous success as part of the Hart Foundation Tag Team, with his Brother in Law Jim “The Anvil” Neidheart. He subsequently went on to have a stellar solo career, including a most wonderful year in 1991 beating Mr. Perfect for the Light Heavyweight Championship.

Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart- After

Brett Hart suffered a tremendous personal tragedy with the loss of his beloved brother, and fellow wrestler, Owen to a tragic accident at a WWE event in 1999. Understandably, Brett decided to call it quits soon after and retired from the WWE promotion in the year 2000. He suffered a stroke in 2002, after hitting his head following a bicycle accident. He managed to make a wonderful recovery, and credits his thrice weekly Brazilian Jujitsu training as something significant in his ability to regain physical mobility. He is one of Canada’s most recognizable and famous faces, having been voted 39th Greatest Canadian in a 2004 poll. He continues to be involved in professional wrestling and was inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame in 2006.


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